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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes are one of the central parts of our day where the connection between family members develops.
When feeding difficulties are present, they can create isolation, frustration, and even dread for everyone involved. At FUNctional Kids, we transform hurdles into moments of celebration, paving the way toward remarkable achievements. We understand that every child's journey with food is unique, and our mission is to make this journey a fun, engaging, and empowering experience to improve your family’s quality of life.
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Why Choose FUNctional Kids Feeding Therapy?


Fun and Engaging
We make feeding therapy an adventure, turning mealtimes into moments of excitement.


Positive Environment
Our goal is to create a positive relationship with food, fostering confidence and curiosity in your child.


Skilled Experts
Our team consists of experienced therapists who are passionate about helping children succeed.


We involve parents in the process, providing you with the tools and knowledge to support your child's progress.

Our Approach: Playful and Positive

Feeding therapy isn't just about eating; it's about building a healthy relationship with food. We believe that mealtime should be a source of joy and not stress. Our approach is all about playfulness and positivity, creating an environment where children can explore, experiment, and enjoy their food.

Picky Eaters

Our skilled occupational therapists bring abundant expertise to the table, especially when it comes to helping children overcome feeding challenges. We take a multi-faceted approach that not only focuses on enhancing oral-motor skills but also explores the sensory and behavioral aspects that might be influencing a child's eating habits. We firmly believe that with timely support, we can bring smiles back to both children and their caring parents or guardians.

Meet Our Team: Food-loving Experts

Does your child exhibit any of the following?
Coughs or gags during meals
Eats only certain textures
Has problems chewing or swallowing
Refuses to try new foods
Exhibits tantrums at mealtimes
Is not gaining weight or growing
Eats less than 20 different foods
Feeding Therapy can help!

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